Theresa becomes more social

Chandler Fit Body Boot Camp Coaching

Theresa originally joined Chandler Fit Body Boot Camp to lose 50 pounds before seeing her family at her cousins wedding in New Jersey.

But once Theresa started going to boot-camp her journey became about being fit and healthy for herself!

Little did she know, that first 50 pounds was just the beginning of a new life!

Theresa's Transformation

Lost 65 lbs, 35 inches, and 13% body fat!

Before joining Chandler Fit Body Boot Camp Theresa was very quiet and kept to herself. She was always nervous about going out and never wanted to stand out in a crowd. She said "I was tired and struggled with the most basic physical tasks, like getting out of breath just walking up the stairs." Now she enjoys challenging herself to do more than she could have ever imagined, and feels that Chandler Fit Body is a part of her family!

When asked what her favorite exercise was she responded... "Dead lifts! I get to pick up some heavy weights and it makes me feel so strong!"

By putting in the work and effort, Theresa has lost an incredible 65 pounds, 35 inches, and 13% body fat!! She has gained confidence, strength, and stamina! Theresa says, "it's the atmosphere and amazing support that make me want to come back to boot-camp every day!" Theresa inspires her fellow gym members on a daily basis and we couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments! Way to go, Theresa!